Voice Over Actor - British & French

Chase has worked as a professional voice actor and lead vocalist in the UK. He is perfectly bilingual in English and French without accent in either. Chase produces broadcast quality vocals in his home studio. He also speaks conversational Spanish, German, and basic Mandarin. 

Chase has a clear, young, natural, and friendly voice with a warm, timbre playing between 15 and 35 years old in a low to mid register for commercial, corporate, narration, film, audio books, e-learning, and character work. His voice is particularly interesting for international projects requiring no discernible accent.

Chase started acting professionally at the age of 13 for film and voice. He studied with legendary performance coaches Judith Malina for Artaudian methods, Marilyn Fried for Stanislavski methods, and Susan Harloe for Physical Theatre. He had additional training at National Youth Theatre, Youth Music UK, Ecole Jacques Lecoq, and Royal Central School. 

Check out his demo reels below.



"Un petit mail pour tous vous remercier pour votre super travail d’hier. Une journée bien remplie, je suis désolée que ça ait pris plus de temps que prévu et que certains aient dû à changer leurs projets.  Le programme n’était pas facile et on n’y serait sans doute pas arrivés sans votre aide et votre bonne volonté à tous. Alors encore une fois, de la part de Matthieu et moi : merci ! "  Laura Schaller - AUDIOPHASE http://www.audiophase.com/

"Hope all is well. Just a quick one to say a huge Thank you and bravo to  Chase who was brilliant. Really brilliant!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for all your hard work!!! It really paid off." - Anthony HICKLING 



Voice Samples as a Teenager

"Thank you again!!!  It was a really great session, my clients were very happy.  I have a good team now:

Chase, Kaycie & Andy Chase."  Sonia AUGUSTO 78 tours .


Voice Work

• Sonepar 2018 Corporate Voice Over for Agence Madame Monsieur  

• Eurostar 2018 Publicity Voice Over for Babble Voices   

• Act it Out 2013 Learn English Video ed. Hatiers (K@ Productions) / Presenter - Paris   

• S.N.C.F 2011 Cote Coloir / Cote Fenetre Publicity Film (Audiophase) Voice Over - Paris   

• Nesquik 2011 Publicity Ad (78tours) / Voice Over - Paris   

• Panache 2009 Animated Film / Voice Over / Paris  



• Lost Soul 2013 Teaser, Paramita Entertainment / Lead - Paris   

• Beyond 2 Souls 2012 Computer Game Character - Quantic Dreams / Paris     

• Oregon Dreaming 2010 Short Film (Juried) - Director: Oliver McGarvey / Lead - Paris     

• The Crossing 2009 Short Film - Director: David Walz / Lead - Paris   



It gives me great pleasure to write this recommendation for Chase Davis.  I  have taught two acting workshops in Paris, both attended by Chase.  His  dedication to the work was one hundred percent.  He came prepared for each  class, ready and willing to work.  He has an enormous talent.  He is able to adjust to new situations at a moment’s notice.  He has a great appetite for learning.  Chase was always willing to rehearse with a fellow actor, change schedules and be available for the other actors in the workshop.  He was the youngest member of the workshop and interacted with all the adults so very  well. They absolutely had such great respect for him.   He is well read, charming and he has tremendous potential whether in front of the camera, on  stage or behind the scenes working.  He is most reliable in all aspects. I have had great pleasure in writing this recommendation for him.  

I remain,  

Marilyn Fried,  New York 

(Acting Coach for Academy and Emmy Award Wining Actors, Member of the  Actors Studio and student of Lee Strasberg)  




I had the opportunity of working along side Chase  Emery Davis during the shoot of a short film written and directed by myself.  Chase performed the lead role in a difficult shoot that required much  discipline and, for lack of a better word, mental and physical toughness. He powered through the 10 day film shoot with grace and was a key element in our production. Chase has a bright future ahead of him and anyone would be  lucky to work with him.  


Oliver McGarvey


Spotlight Actor

Representation :  Jack and Jill Talent Agency

Acting Training

• Artaudian 2014 No Cure for the Cross: 2013 Alice : Devised & Performed / Dallam, Cumbria   

   2011 Expression & Artaudian Ideology - Judith Malina / Living Theater - Paris   

   2010 Devising / Movement Workshop - Suzuki / Lecoq / Drama Ties - Paris   

• Stanislavski 2010 & 2009 - The Acting Craft - Marilyn Fried - Paris   

   2007 & 2008 - Bilingual Method Acting - Alexa Rutherford, Nick Millett - Paris   

• Various 2014 Movement & Text - Ecole Jacques Lecoq - Paris   

   2013 Actors Audition Pieces - Royal Central School / London   

   2011 Summer Program - National Youth Theatre / London   

   2010 Film Audition Skills - Stephane Foenkinos / Paris   

   2008 Physical Theater - Word for Word / Susan Harloe - Paris