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Represented for Voice Acting by Babble Voices London.

Opened designer shops on Society6

First Latin Song. See the Video

Degree in Music Composition and submitted as my dissertation my album Endymion Dreams and music video It's in the Mind.

Interview with Celtica Radio

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Photography credit - Taylor Sutton.

Photography credit - Taylor Sutton.

Your voice flows like a gentle spring , handling Rapids supremely . And coming to rest in a quiet inlet.

That was beautiful Chase. Made me want to pick up my pen and write  - Lara Lazenby 

Lovely song loved it,wish I could understand the words.Beautiful and deep voice,sure sounds like Chris Isaak in BlueHotel 

Words can hardly describe your unique talent and amazing voice.

Hi, Chase...I loved your new song! It stirs my soul. Your talent is immense and I'm honored you invited me to listen. I'm an international visual artist with exhibitions in Europe.  When I make it to London...I would like to hear you in person. Cheers to chasing our dreams!

This is incredible. It's borderline mystical sounding. I love the string instrumental and the subtle percussion.Every aspect of this song came together perfectly. 

The song captures my interest with the soothing vocals and story telling. I enjoyed it. 

The interplay of the vocal and the acoustic guitar make for a pleasant yet haunting effect.